Hi everyone!

Looks like I’ve spent the year earning merit for being the worst community manager ever (namely, not posting anything).

People keep writing to me, asking the big question: when will this game be released? If you are one of them, thanks for your support and be sure that, if I haven’t answered yet, sooner or later I will.

I’ve spent 2016 improving the quality of the game to a point that I never thought it would reach. I have been assisted by 4 artists (Hector Esteban Richart, Víctor Tardío, Álvaro Monzón y Rafael Romero), That’s not counting my friend David Saavedra, who made the cover. The audio is being completely revamped, including an all-new OST and hiring a voice actor (my original idea was an unvoiced game). VR has proven to deserve a massive amount of development time: 6 different control interfaces have been implemented and tested (you will find them all in the options screen), and lots of optimizations have been implemented to make the most of PS4/PS VR/PC hardware at rock solid 60 fps.

I have only showcased the game in 2 events this year (in one of them it earned the “indie game of the show” prize). In October I made a new trailer that I never published but, despite being light-years more advanced than the one you have probably seen, now I think it’s obsolete again, eclipsed by the recent improvements in visual quality. It will be remade soon (and very likely it will announce a release date).

So that pretty much sums up this year.

I promise to write again in less time.

I leave you with a screenshot.

Happy holidays!


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  1. The worst community manager ever, that you are!
    But man, I LOVE your work!
    I would gladly be your free community manager if it means playing an early version of the game! 😀

    I hope your next post won’t be more than a year from now like the last one!

    Can’t wait for the trailer!
    Greetings from a fan in Belgium! 🙂

  2. Looks great! I was worried this game was canceled after the long silence, glad to see it’s still being worked on!!

  3. Dude. Sony just killed off one of their bigger vr titles. You are my last hope of making a really epic vr game. Pls dont cancel

  4. Thanks for the update. This is the game that I’m waiting for before I buy into VR as its everything I want from a VR experience. New screenshot looks incredible, can’t wait for a new trailer.

  5. I just wanted to say your game looks amazing! The idea of superhero vs invading aliens set in a VR world is enough to make me preorder today. If you would like assistance with alpha/beta testing, I would be happy to do so without recognition or compensation.

  6. you promised it wouldn’t be so long till your next reply! this game has been burning a hole in my moniter and it’s not even out yet. there is only so many 1000 hours i am willing to watch the trailer, maybe one more time!!!! (-:
    can’t wait my friend.
    will there be a new trailer soon? or a release date?
    seraphim190 “YT”

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