Hi everyone!

Looks like I’ve spent the year earning merit for being the worst community manager ever (namely, not posting anything).

People keep writing to me, asking the big question: when will this game be released? If you are one of them, thanks for your support and be sure that, if I haven’t answered yet, sooner or later I will.

I’ve spent 2016 improving the quality of the game to a point that I never thought it would reach. I have been assisted by 4 artists (Hector Esteban Richart, Víctor Tardío, Álvaro Monzón y Rafael Romero), That’s not counting my friend David Saavedra, who made the cover. The audio is being completely revamped, including an all-new OST and hiring a voice actor (my original idea was an unvoiced game). VR has proven to deserve a massive amount of development time: 6 different control interfaces have been implemented and tested (you will find them all in the options screen), and lots of optimizations have been implemented to make the most of PS4/PS VR/PC hardware at rock solid 60 fps.

I have only showcased the game in 2 events this year (in one of them it earned the “indie game of the show” prize). In October I made a new trailer that I never published but, despite being light-years more advanced than the one you have probably seen, now I think it’s obsolete again, eclipsed by the recent improvements in visual quality. It will be remade soon (and very likely it will announce a release date).

So that pretty much sums up this year.

I promise to write again in less time.

I leave you with a screenshot.

Happy holidays!


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