Megaton Rainfall announced for PS4 and PlayStation VR

Hi everyone, in case you missed this video or this post, I’m happy to announce you that Megaton Rainfall is coming to PS4 and PlayStation VR next year. Applause!

I’ve been working for almost 2 months on porting the game to the PS4 and Morpheus hardware. By the way, did I mention that Megaton Rainfall runs on a custom engine, specialized in rendering an immense amount of (destructible) buildings and objects on screen? So the porting is definitely not a drag-and-drop piece of cake. In fact I have suffered the 2 or 3 hardest bugs to find in the entire project history in the PS4 porting (the #1 hardest bug took me 12 hours to find it in case you were wondering). But it’s done and I can tell you that the game is already working at 60 fps in PSVR with most of the features activated.

For me the PSVR is a surprisingly fine piece of hardware. It has a cool technical feature called reprojection that I think all developers will love. It means that if the frame rate drops one moment, you still see 120 frames per second when you move your head around. The system, 120 times per second, reprojects the last frame that you rendered according to the movement of the player’s head since you rendered it. So these hiccups don’t affect the player in terms of motion sickness. I can’t wait to know the release date and price… They haven’t told me ๐Ÿ™‚ By the way, I’m definitely not launching the game at early 2016.

About the non-VR PS4 version, I’ve still not decided whether to go for 30fps or 60fps. When I played Everybody’s gone to the rapture I thought “games at 30fps look better”. Now I’m playing Metal Gear Solid V and I think “games at 60 fps look better”. So maybe it depends on the game I’m playing when the release date comes ๐Ÿ™‚ Don’t hesitate to give me your opinion if you want!

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  1. Hi! That’s good to hear! …now for the real question: is it going to be ported to the Rift and Vive (both 90fps) soon? That’s where the money is! :)))

    1. Seriously? Thats where the money is? You realize theyre not selling as well as expected and psvr will more than likely outsellf them 2 to 1 if not more? But sure… THATS where the money is…

      1. psvr has already more than outsold them by 2 to 1 even if you combine them. but they can still make more money by releasing it on pc, and will make more money in future from more people buying headset when they get cheaper. release on ps4/psvr and the game will be completely stone cold dead by the time ps5 comes out.

  2. Your title Megaton Rainfall looks very promising and interesting especially after Sony selected you to showcase it at Paris Games Week 2015 in a blog post on their official blog website as well as in their official PS VR video highlight reel on stage. By the way, I’m also a fellow indie developer based in the USA and an official registered licensee with PlayStation on the Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) Developer Network (DevNet) for the PS4 platform just like you are. With that in mind, I have a some questions for you regarding PS4 and PS VR development of your title.

    1) I was wondering if you had to purchase and pay the full amount of money ($X, XXX) on the official website ( in order for Sony (SCEE/SCEA) to send you an official PS4 DevKit hardware so you can port “Megaton Rainfall” for the past 2 months as stated in your blog post here?

    2) How did you request & receive a Prototype Development Headset unit of the latest version of the PlayStation VR hardware, which was most recently updated during October 2015 according to the tech notes on the official PS4 developer network website?

    Feel free to e-mail anytime and i truly wish you the best of luck as a fellow indie PS4 developer with the research, production, development and release of Megaton Rainfall. Thank you. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Hey, Alfonso I know your probably more busy than we can imagine but your fans could really use an update.
    Thought I’d point it out thanks.

  4. is the game dead? We didnt hear anything for over a year now ๐Ÿ™
    I was really excited about this title tbh

  5. Any updates bc this post said it would be out in 2016 and now it’s 2017.

    Hoping this hasn’t quietly been cancelled for the PSVR, we need all the games we can get right now.

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