Megaton Rainfall lands on PC

Today is the most anticipated day for superhero fans!!


No, not because it’s the Juicetice Leegue release.

It’s because Steam, Humble Store and Gog and Green Man Gaming receive the…:

The perfect superhero simulator (WccfTech)
Superhero Jesus meets the Ravagers of Earth Defense Force (PlayStation Country)
It feels more like a true superhero experience than any game I’ve ever played (Gamecritics)
Megaton Rainfall is a game of incredible scale (The Sixth Axis)
Probably the Most Accurate Superman Simulator (Gamespot)
The best first-person superhero experience that AAA studios have failed to deliver (Dualshockers)
One of the PC games of 2017 (Rock Paper Shotgun)
Best Action Game 2017 (Intel Level Up Contest)

For those of you that still don’t know what is Megaton Rainfall, it’s a first person superhero simulator. You are indestructible and extremely powerful, and you have to save Earth from an alien invasion. The point is that you’re so powerful that every time you miss your targets, you can unintentionally destroy buildings and skyscrapers!

After 5 years developing this ambitious game, and one month live on other platforms, I’m happy to say it’s already a sales and critical hit for us. You can check what they say in metacritic.

VR enthusiasts will have to wait some more time for the VR mode on PC, but in the meantime, we’ve been working hard to make a top quality port. It’s supports natively your AlienFX laptops and Razer Chroma peripherals, for reactive gameplay light effects.
You can also play it with eye tracking technology thanks to Tobii (yes, you can Fire at Gaze, like real superheroes). And the game is so optimized that it can move enormous landscapes and 200 squared miles cities on laptops with integrated GPUs, or achieve 4K @ 60 fps on a GTX 1060. If there’s something that doesn’t work on your PC configuration, we’re available at so don’t hesitate to drop us a line.

Finally, to celebrate its landing on PC, you’ll get a 10% discount during the first week.

And here’s the launch trailer, in case you missed it:

Happy Superhero’ing!

4 thoughts on “Megaton Rainfall lands on PC”

  1. Hey! I own the HTC Vive, and I was wondering if the VR version of Megaton Rainfall will be a separate game, or will it be an update to the game that I can currently buy in the Steam store? One more question: Will MRVR support the Vive controllers, or will it still use a standard game controller?


  2. Hi I was wondering if ever you thought of patching the game with a new game mode to roam around be the sort of villain like a GOD mode where you aren’t pressed for time and able to destroy buildings.

    Great game BTW

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