Megaton Rainfall launching today on PS4 + PSVR

Megaton Rainfall is out now on PS4 and PS VR.

As you may know, I’ve been working 5 years of my life on this project. A massive experiment, involving new render techniques and gameplay mechanics, trying to find new ways of conveying sense of power and freedom of movement, with the purpose of making the ultimate superhero game.

I’m thrilled to see the very positive reception, and to confirm that the experiment is successful.

Here’s the launch trailer to celebrate it:

You can find our game in the PS Store. The price is 15,99€ / 15,99$ / 12,99£.

Also, you can find out more about the procedural destruction tech inside the game in this blog.

And now what? We’ll be working hard to solve technical issues in the next few days, and to bring the game to more platforms. Beginning with Steam, that will receive the game on November 17th.

Thanks for your patience, and I hope you love our game.


8 thoughts on “Megaton Rainfall launching today on PS4 + PSVR”

  1. Just finished the game. Please tell me theres a free mode to help the aliens blow stuff up. I hate getting stuck in one spot when i nuke the earth, i want to watch the carnage.
    Great game though

  2. Well done on an excellent game got in top 20 on the leader boards top ten for some missions are you planning any dlc ? some more missions would be nice also we could take the fight to their planet see how they like it once again excellent game

  3. Great consept, i love it. Just put on the man of steel soundtrack, and you got yourself the best Superman simulator. The soundtrack from the game itself is great two. I encountert one Bug in my first hour of playing, and i cant progress because of it in mission two(the spaceship that spawnes enemys is non-exsistant, so the respawn invinite? Please fix this!) I would also love a villain mode!! 🙂 please keep updating, and/or add dlc…

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