Megaton Rainfall patch notes

Are you a patch notes lover? This is list of the accumulated bug fixes in the PS4 version till now:

– Fixed a blocking bug introduced in 1.03 where the motherships in M2/M5 randomly appeared invisible and indestructible.
– Fixed a bug where the “Get rank A in all the missions” trophy didn’t unlock when achieving it in “Score attack” mode.
– Fixed a crash after the credits when you had previously visited any gas planet without approaching its surface.
– Fixed a random crash in M7/M8 when some enemies tear up buildings.
– Fixed a random crash when destroying Earth with the Gigaton Blast.
– Fixed a random multi-thread crash when approaching cities while loading the textures of the monuments.
– Now the game will start correctly in VR mode even if an unproperly configured PS VR tracks rotation but not position.
– Removed incorrect hint when game over during boss battles in M2/M5.

– Fixed a random GPU crash that could happen more likely during start up or the first 15 minutes of gameplay. This was by far the most frequent crash of the game.
– Fixed a random multi-thread crash that could happen in any load screen.
– Fixed a random multi-thread crash computing the physics of torn buildings.
– Fixed a bug where the UI counted human casualties when drilling a tunnel in the terrain and firing the gigaton blast at it.
– Fixed a bug where the terrain was improperly rendered near some small cities (the bug was present in 1.01 America, and 1.02 America+Europe).
– Fixed a crash when player destroys the pyramid-shaped enemy, then goes to another planet instead of following the next enemy to the city, then reloads the game and then destroys the pyramid-shaped enemy again.
– Fixed a crash when player gets out of the current solar system, gets out of the galaxy, enters another galaxy and, without entering any other solar system, returns to the previous one.
– Tentatively fixed bug where some of the minions ejected by the pyramid-shaped enemy couldn’t be approached.

– Fixed a crash when firing the gigaton blast at the enemy with the wrecking ball, when both the enemy and the ball were hit.
– Fixed a crash when you fire the gigaton blast at the city exactly the same frame that a big bomb creates a red explosion.
– Fixed a random crash in M5.
– Fixed a random crash when firing at the octopus-shaped enemy when it has morphed into a building.
– Fixed a random multi-thread crash when you destroy the enemy that levitates nearby vehicles.
– Fixed a random multi-thread crash when firing the world multiplying ray on the ending scene.
– Fixed a bug where the reflection in the sea was incorrect when looking vertically down.
– Fixed a bug where some tutorial texts with words in bold where incorrectly splitted into lines.
– Fixed a bug where the camera seems to not work properly in space when you turn off Tumble in non-VR play
– Added sound when entering submenus.
– Avoided vehicles driving across grass in some areas.
– Avoided momentary incorrect rendering of the sea over the cities when approaching them.

3 thoughts on “Megaton Rainfall patch notes”

  1. Dude I just have to say, thank you so much for this game!

    It’s an amazing experience! I look forward to any more updates 🙂

    If I could have one thing from it it would be an endless score attack mode with it’s own leaderboard and increasing difficulty/less casualty tolerance

    But well played sir – a masterpiece without doubt ✌️

  2. I’m on 1.6 GOG and experience mouse skips when chasing the cube and always crashes on 1st enemy. It’s pretty bad and unplayable. Here’s my memory dump Maybe it’s my VGA 1GB limit, IDK.

  3. I just wanted to mention a couple of ideas for a sequel maybe. Not sure where else to leave a comment… I absolutely love this game first and firenost. I hope we can land and walk in the ground in future installments. Just to have that contrast within the game. It would be awesome to use our powers to stop bank robberies and airplanes from crashing as well as have different life forms on other planets with perhaps some of them being intelligent and having there own civilizations . At least a few different planets with life would be great. Just a fan rant. Awesome game guys!!

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