New date: October 17th

Hi everyone,

Today we’re delaying our game 3 additional weeks, until October 17th. We underestimated how long would it take to us to go through the all the bureaucracy in this (crowded) time of the year.

I apologise to those of you that have been waiting for this game for years.

Good news is that you can now preorder the game in the EU PS Store here.

Also, we are happy to announce our retail price of 15,99€ / 15,99$. The game will support both VR and non-VR modes for the full experience. Additionally, EU PSPlus subscribers will get an additional 20% discount during the preorder.

Thank you again for your support.

9 thoughts on “New date: October 17th”

  1. Well … the link is only for the EU? Not the US?

    When I click on the link, I get an error that says “This page can not be found”.

    Thank you. Delays happen. I appreciate all the effort and incredible work from you. I’ve always wanted to build a game like this in my entire life. I’m a UX / UI designer, and I don’t work with games yet (unfortunately), but you guys are a real inspiration to me.

    Thank you. 🙂

  2. Alfonso tío, el retraso no importa, como dice Paul “Si hemos esperado toda la vida para ser un superheroe, podemos esperar 3 semanas mas” …

    Pero tío, avisa un poco antes … has cabreao a medio internet por eso … para otra vez, avisa la vispera por lo menos.

    Y en caso de duda, el dia 20 en vez de poner lo que pusiste, pones “Por temas burocratricos, no se si llegaremos a poder publicar el 26 …”

  3. I waited all night for Megaton rainfall the day it was originally going to come out. Yet I have to wait two more weeks. But its okay it is not to far away

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